Friday, July 6, 2012

Cell phone photo dump

My best bud

I asked him if he wanted to watch a movie and he grabbed all 3 of his favorite blankets to cuddle with.

Patiently waited at the dentist while we got our teeth cleaned. I love his Buzz obsession.

We moved Wesley to a new room so that baby could be in the room closer to us. We had high hopes to put him in a toddler bed but after a few weeks of trying we realized he just isn't ready. Ever since we moved his crib into the room and put up this alphabet wall I made he has been extremely happy in his new room. Seriously this kid is obsessed with letters.

The pool has been my saving grace lately. Wesley has a blast and my pregnant body gets a little break while relaxing in the water.

We got rained out at the pool one day so we had our picnic lunch in the family room.

I love the relationship Phil and Wesley have. He sure loves his daddy.

Some of his goofy faces he's been making.

Wesley loves having a green smoothie for breakfast. He gets so excited when I make them.

At Grandma's on the 4th of July (having another Buzz moment).

Loves the train table at the bookstore

Lazy morning

He got a free balloon and was so happy about it.

This particular day he didn't want to run errand anymore. We went right home after this last meltdown and he took a 3 hour nap.


dana ewell said...

So much to say! Love his no show socks. What a big boy. I seem to recall a particular meltdown you had at his age...your face was just as devastating. Such a fish,,,your sweet boy. Love all the pictures!

The Halls said...


Breestyle said...

Cute pics. He is getting so big.