Monday, August 3, 2015

June 2015

Heather was so good at keeping a record of her and Kyle's life together. She documented everything and now we have so much to read and remember. I am so thankful for her example and am determined to make this a priority for my family's history. 

On June 8th my Dad sent me a text asking me to FaceTime Heather. He said "he thought it would help her".  She had been in the hospital for over a week for a routine visit. When Heather answered on the iPad I immediately knew something was wrong. She was talking slowly, seemed dazed and did not appear to have much strength. However, she still tried to chat with the boys and even taught them a banana knock knock joke. Our conversation was brief and when I hung up I burst into tears. I could feel that this was serious. Later that night, the Drs realized Heather was having a bad reaction to her medicine and needed a blood transfusion. She ended up having 2 that night. I called Phil and we both agreed that I should fly out to Utah the next morning. I sent Heather a text and said. "I am looking at flights, can I come be your buddy for the week" she replied, "I'd love that" then I asked her if she wanted just me or me and Eli. Of course she replied "Eli is a must".  Phil's Mom was so sweet and watched Wesley and Owen while Phil was at work during the 4 days I was gone. 

The next 4 days with Heather were truly a blessing and so happy I was able to fly out. We tried to be at the hospital as much as possible. Went went back to my Mom's when Eli needed to nap or had had it for the night. On Thursday night I was able to spend the night with Heather in the hospital. We laid in her bed together and just chatted for hours. I loved every second of it! 

One of the days Heather felt like walking (we pushed her in a wheel chair) over to Primary Children's to have lunch and she bought my boys some prizes from the gift shop. She was always thinking of my boys.

Eli and I went back home Early Saturday morning. After I landed and turned my phone back on, I got a text from Heather saying she was being moved to ICU but not to worry. I did worry though and again, had the feeling that this wasn't good. 

When Phil and the boys picked me up we went straight to an Astros game. I tried to be in the moment  and have fun with my boys, but it was hard to not just break down in tears. I wanted so badly to be back with Heather. 

Eli so happy to be off the plane.

My dad sent me home with donuts for the boy. They were pretty happy about that. 

Heather got this cow for Owen at the hospital gift shop. 

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Julia said...

Ashlee I'm glad I randomly hopped on over to your blog! I loved this post. Every picture is not only worth a thousand words, but a thousand emotions! What a healer Eli must have been to Heather that week. The joy in her eyes shows the happiness he brought her in that hard week. Love to you!!!