Sunday, July 26, 2009

Bliss pt 1

My parents came in town late Thursday night. We played all day Friday and then they left for their cruise Saturday afternoon. Our day was packed full of fun on Friday. My dad fixed our toilet, we went to Rudy's (our favorite BBQ place), shopping at the Nordstrom Sale, and went to the Astro's game. It was so much fun having them around and cannot wait until they get off their cruise (they'll stay with us a few more days!).
Our Rudy's spread
We went and bought matching shirts during the game and of course had to put them on
Me and my Dad = SOOO happyMy Dad cannot resist a good hot dog.. in fact he got two enjoying the gameSaturday at my favorite Mexican restaurant, Los Cucos.
As you can tell we enjoy going out to eat.

This was a much needed weekend. I've missed my parents so much and want Thanksgiving to come faster so I can visit them and the rest of the family in Utah.


Annie said...

Oh, how fun to have your parents visit for a fun-filled day. Can't wait to hear about part 2! Miss you guys. Give our love to Phil, too.


Julia said...
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Julia said...

Ohh what a great weekend! Any weekend with Rudys is a good one. I'm so glad your parents were/are here. How fun.

Natalie N said...

FUN times!! Wish I could have been a fly on the wall for that visit. I love that you & your mom got matching shirts and put them on for the game. You guys are TRUE Astros fans! :)

Rebecca Jackman said...

How fun! I can relate to being away from family and counting down the days until the next visit!

I too love Rudy's.. yumm, their turkey is to DIE for!

BTW, thanks for the help with the interview. I went, but actually was offered another job that I really wanted, so I didn't go back for the second interview.

Victoria, Dan & Evan said...

Your parents look great! Your mom especially, she looks so young!

Dana Ewell said...

We love you guys... and miss you already. It helps to always have the next visit planned. It gives me the illusion that you're not so far away. Kiss Rosie for us!

Love you every day!
Yo Momma

the holmans said...

Love the pix, you guys look so happy... I hope we can come visit soon. Your Mom and Dad had such a great time seeing you!!!!