Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Silly Sleeper

I love sneaking into Wesley's room when he is sleeping. I find him in lots of different positions and wonder how he got there. Plus there is nothing like a sleeping baby!

He fell asleep on my bed one morning while I got ready for the day
I love his hands.

I heard him grunting during nap time and went to check if he was OK. I found him with his head turned looking for his binky. As soon as I put it in his mouth he was fast asleep again. Don't worry I straightened out his neck after taking this.

It looks like he broke his arm out to get that hat off his head.

I love my sweet little man.


The Halls said...


Brittany said...

He's looking so chunky I can't wait to see him again! xoxo

Dana Ewell said...

he looks like a little caterpillar. All wiggly and cozy. It appears he likes his face to touch the soft sheets. So cute.
Love MOM