Thursday, March 7, 2013

Cabin Weekend

I forgot to add on the last post about Valentines Day night. My Dad took us out to dinner to my favorite restaurant in Utah, The Old Spaghetti Factory. Wes loves their food as well. It's a must on my list of things to do while visiting utah. :)

 Friday we packed and headed up to my parents cabin. Wes must have know something exciting was happening because he was pretty excited. We had so much fun with my family and really wish that Phil could have been there. Wes and Jack were best friends and were so sweet together most of the time. The kids enjoyed lots of activities like play-doh, this game Heather made up involving finding and matching letters of their names/ numbers in rice (big hit), bowling, many movies, and of course trains. My parents really know how to throw a party. We played many games and even a few new ones this year! They were so generous with the prizes for us and the boys. Thanks for a fun weekend Mom and Dad.

We left the cabin on Monday and the boys went snowmobiling again. My mom surprised us girls with a special treat and had babysitters lined up so we could get facials. I was a bit anxious about leaving the boys with a babysitter because this would be our first one EVER that wasn't a family member or one of my close friends. Once I laid on the table for my massage/facial all those worries disappeared. It was an amazing 45 minutes.

Random photos of this cute boy eating prunes for the first time. 

On Tuesday I took my mom out to lunch at Jonny Rockets and we looked around the new Traverse outlets. Honestly they were a bit of a let down, probably because of my 2 year old (ha ha).

We left bright and early for our flight on Wednesday. We managed to survive security with the help of some sweet strangers, bless them. The plane ride wasn't as smooth as the ride to Utah. Both boys were animals. At the end of the flight I felt very overwhelmed and inadequate.  A sweet old man patted me on the shoulder and said "You did amazing, you deserve a medal". I needed that sweet man and his kind words. 
Wes fell asleep right when we landed, of course. So I waited until everyone got off the plane to wake him. It ended up working nicely because the flight attendant brought our stroller onto the airplane and I was able to transfer him easily. Marsha was a rockstar and got a pass to meet us at the gate. That made getting to baggage claim so much easier, thank you!


dana ewell said...

So many good pics and memories!
We sure love you kids!

Brittany (B) Michelle Kenner said...

I love all the pictures you took! Those boys just love each other!