Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I want to be back on the ship

Phil and I went on a week long cruise to Grand Cayman and Jamaica last week. Neither of us had ever been on a cruise before but we have been talking about going on one since we got engaged. We had so much fun and will cruise again (who knows when that will be). Here is a list of some of our favorite things about the cruise.
  • Being able to relax
  • Sun bathing
  • Finally finishing books we've wanted to read
  • Beautiful beaches
  • The Ocean view from our room
  • Being disconnected (no cell phones, Internet, work..) speaking of work maybe we will transfer to Cayman Islands.. Phil had no idea PwC was there.
  • Our fun steward who left us creative towel animals and always had a joke to crack when we saw him. We laughed so much when we opened the door and saw an elephant wearing my sunglasses.. I can see him cracking up when he did this.
  • Being together and not feeling like we have to get something done = the best
Of course we enjoyed a lot more about our cruise but I don't want to bore you. We definitely recommend going to Cayman Island. It was beautiful, clean, and a very nice island. We want to go back sometime and stay there for a week so we can see more and do more. Jamaica was a bit scary and I found out after we got back that there are better areas than the one we ported in. I didn't like everyone being in my face asking me to buy stuff or come into their store. The beaches were very beautiful there but we even had guys swim in the Ocean trying to sell us necklaces and drugs. It was odd but a fun experience.

Phil took this picture of me while this man was trying to sell me drugs.. I look so confused and I want to scream "Phil save me!"


Sunnie said...

sounds like fun! besides the whole drug dealing bit, sounds like a great vacation. i've always wondered if i'd like a cruise. i'm afraid that i would get sea sick. but i would love going and seeing awesome islands and beaches.

ash said...

You have to get Phil to transfer to the Cayman Islands so we can visit you! I'm laughing about the drug sellers in the ocean. That's funny slash creepy.

The Winkels said...

Looks so fun! I'm so glad you guys enjoyed it!

Dana Ewell said...

Ashlee... can I borrow your tan skin, and your body for that matter, and all your swim suits for my cruise next month?
Just wondering...



Victoria, Dan & Evan said...

I can't believe people try to sell you drugs while you're swimming!! When Dan was in Chicago for a work conference he was walking down the sidewalk and some guy called out to him "HEY! Ya wanna buy some crack??". What is wrong with people?!