Thursday, August 19, 2010

Baby Update- 32 weeks

Last doctor appointment (3 weeks ago) baby boy was measuring a bit large. I had an ultrasound this morning to see just how large he really is. It turns out he is almost 5 pounds (what a little chunk). The ultrasound was so neat and he was so active.

top to bottom: profile view with his arm in his mouth. Front view with his mouth wide open.

top to bottom: back view, can you believe how much hair he has? 4D image: the ultrasound tech was having so much fun with my wiggly little guy that she did a 4D ultrasound for FREE. It was so neat. Doesn't he look squished in there? I love his little open mouth.

We are so glad baby is healthy and definitely growing. As for me the doctor thinks that preeclampsia is possible. I have been swelling more, blood pressure was high again, and they found protein in my urine today (lovely). I go back on Tuesday to see my fate. If my blood pressure is high again I might be spending the rest of my pregnancy on bed rest. While bed rest won't be loads of fun at least I will be taking care of the little one. The doctor wants to get me to 37 weeks. Which is crazy because that means I might have a little boy in my arms in 5 weeks

We cannot wait to meet the little one. Wish us luck with the next few weeks.


ash said...

Oh, he's so cute! I can't wait to meet him in person! I mean, I hope he doesn't come early, but I'm excited. :) Hope Utah was fun for you and I'm glad we get to hang out again!

Breestyle said...

How exciting but, scary. I hope you arent bed rested..that wouldnt be fun. I love the baby pics. A-d-o-r-a-ble!!!

The Halls said...

I love him. I love his pictures. xoxo

Natalie N said...

Oh Ashlee! What cool pictures! So sorry to hear that preclampsia might be your fate. So you had a Doc appointment yesterday? How did it go?

I can't believe you could maybe have your baby at 37 weeks!! I do hope the swelling goes down (after all that traveling!) and that maybe you don't have preclampsia after all. Please keep us posted. Thinking of you and sending our love! xoxoxo