Monday, August 2, 2010


Phil has been pretty busy with work the past few weeks so we took advantage of the 3 day weekend he just had. We relaxed at the pool on Friday, ran some errands, and did some fun little projects. Saturday we went to Galveston and played on the beach. We had so much fun and kept saying all day, "I can't believe we haven't done this before". Of course my camera died after taking 2 pictures. I will share them but they are not the greatest :).

Here are a few little projects we have been working on.

for little boys room.. I want to get a shelf or something to put them on.

I made this sign a little while ago and put it in our front room on the bookcase.

We started a bigger project Saturday night using these fabrics... can you guess what it's for? yep a quilt for baby. Wish me luck :)

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the holmans said...

So happy to see you done with the buckle and all the preparations for the baby, cant waite to see you!!!! love, love, love ya!!!