Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Best Friends

Wesley and Rosie have become very close recently. Rosie has always been really interested in Wes and quite jealous of him. The past few weeks they have become close friends and I just love it. Wes smiles, laughs and tries to grab at Rosie when she walks by. He loves her hair and Rosie patiently lays there while he pulls it. I think Rosie is liking all the attention and tries to be on her best behavior when he is near. Every once in a while she sneaks in a little lick (eww gross).

This one is my favorite. One of Wesley's favorite things to do is to kick Rosie. Every time he does it he laughs his head off. (I'm not sure why his romper is unbuttoned lol)


The Halls said...

What a funny lil' boy. I'm so happy they're friends.

The Halls said...

P.S you should do more photo dumps.

Dana Ewell said...

is that a foot in Rosie's mouth? He looks so happy playing with his puppy. See you in two more sleeps!
Love ya, MOM

The Halls said...

You NEED to post pictures of lil' man's first Easter.