Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Photo Dump

He loves sitting in his Bumbo.

Just chillin after eating breakfast.

He loves spending time with his Dad.

I love this sleeping baby.

Wanting more food

Wes wants to crawl so bad.

Hanging out at Grandma's. I think he was mad about having to sit up.. ha ha.

This is how I found him one morning. He loves this teddy bear.

Loves bath time.
First time trying prune juice. Hopefully it will help his bowels (I'm sure you wanted to know that).


The Halls said...

Thanks for the "photo dump". I loved it!

The Halls said...

xoxoxo little man. I sure love you and seeing pictures of you.

Dana Ewell said...

I love the skull and cross bones face. What a tough guy. Those
pictures bring so much joy!
Love love love that boy!
Love you all,

Natalie N said...

These are such GREAT pictures! I loved seeing so many faces of Wesley. That first onesie with the tie sewn on is adorable!!! I feel like we practically know this little boy. CanNOT wait to see you guys!!!

ash said...

Love the tie shirt. My kids were laughing at these photos. They (and I) love his cute face!!

the holmans said...

he is sooo cute love him...

Brittany said...

I LOVE how he is never wearing pants :) such a sweetheart can't wait to see our boys playing together!

The Lyon Den said...

So cute!