Thursday, December 8, 2011

14 Months

Wesley turned 14 months yesterday! I weighed him yesterday and he was 22 lbs, so he has gained 2 lbs since his 12 month checkup! Wesley is such a fun, busy and crazy kid. He is ALWAYS getting into something. His favorite spots are the pantry, the dog food, my vanity (he gets on his tippy toes and tried to get something out of the drawer), the DVDs in the entertainment center, pushing buttons on the dryer, opening the dishwasher and climbing on it to get dishes out, and much more. Like I said he is busy.

Wesley also likes to push this step stool around. 

He LOVES books and especially loves nightly story time with Dad.

Loves any chance to stand up in his high chair, naughty boy.

Isn't walking yet but has taken a few steps. He is such a fast crawler who know when he will walk. He is very close though.

I love this goofy boy.

The rest of these pictures are from my phone so not as good of quality.

Wesley's best friend is Rosie. He loves her so much. He follows her around, tries to get her on the couch, and is always petting (pulling) her hair. Rosie puts up with a lot but isn't always Wesley's biggest fan. And yes poor Rosie needs a haircut.

I find him quite often flipping through his books, I love how much he likes books.

Naughty boy again, yes I have finally learned to buckle him in. 

This one really should have been in the last post but oh well. Wesley sure loves being Daddy's buddy.

Some other things about Wes:
He loves cars. He has a new obsession with Hot Wheels and always has one in his hands.
Turns all of his larger toys upside down to play with the wheels.
Only has his binki at night time, I am dreading taking it away completely.
Has started to get an opinion about what he wants to eat- not fun.
Has started feeding Rosie his unwanted food- also not fun.
Loves playing with other kids.
Loves to play with anything that has a button or plays music.
Plays peek a boo. I love when he covers his face up, so cute.
Waves all the time.
Says Dada, Momma, Ball, Uh-oh, Papa (twice), Hi, and pretty sure he says Bob. 
Signs all done and just grunts when he wants more (still working on that sign).
Favorite show is Yo Gabba Gabba, sometimes that is the only way I can make dinner.
Loves being center of attention and tries to get into the conversation, normally by laughing. 

We are so blessed to have Wes in our families.


The Halls said...

I sure love your boy. He is such a delight. xoxo

Heidi said...

What a cutie! Thanks for sharing those pictures and fun things about Wes. He is lucky to have such a great mommy.

The Halls said...

I've looked at him so much today, I feel like I'm there.