Thursday, April 12, 2012

Our 18 Month Old!

Wesley has grown so much in the past month. He has gotten busier, more independent, and more needy at the same time. He came with us to find out the gender of baby #2 and ever since my ultrasound he has been so clingy. He still wants to run off and play on his own but when he decides he wants me to hold him he will do anything to make it happen. I will be cooking dinner and he will get in front of me push me away from the stove and put his arms up. It's pretty cute but it's getting harder to cart him around with my growing belly. 

His Stats:
Weight- 26 lb 9.2 oz (60.05%)
Height- 32" (43%) 
Head 18.5" (28%)

Some new stuff he's doing:

  • Started signing "want" and does it ALL the time and has gotten better at please (still signs milk, food, all done, more).
  • Moos when you ask what the cow says and roars for what does the lion say
  • New words are "uck" for duck, "ro" for Rosie, (still says Moma, Dada, hi, owie, uh-oh, ball, no, yes, huh,) he talks all the time and totally knows what he is saying, unfortunately we haven't figured it all out yet. 
  • Knows where his eyes, nose and mouth are.
  • Can play with cars all day long, I love the vrooms and other noises he makes for them.
  • Started nursery a few weeks ago and LOVES it. He waves goodbye to me and runs off to play.
  • Climbed out of his crib once (we finally took his beloved bumper out, that was a bit of a transition for him)
  • Runs to his bedroom and grabs his binki out of his crib when he is ready for a nap or bed before we put him down (he isn't allowed to have his binki other than sleep and tried to sneak it all day)
  • Favorite foods include: pretzels, strawberries, broccoli, cheese, and pears.
  • Has a love for jelly beans (just like Phil)
  • Loves books and brings them to me constantly throughout the day
  • Loves being around kids
  • Enjoys standing on a chair to watch me cook
  • Wants to walk everywhere we go and refuses to hold hands... working on that one
  • Has shortened his (2) 2 hour naps to (2) 1 hour naps. I want to move him to 1 nap hoping it'll be at least 2 hrs but he isn't quite ready for that. 
  • Is a daredevil and always has a bump or bruise
  • I'm sure there is more but I'll stop here :)

Playing with his cars

He is crazy silly

Showing off his new bruise on his cheek. He fell at Chic Fil A in the play place. It was a lot darker yesterday.

Has figured out how to get on the counter tops, naughty boy.

 The next two pictures were taken by his sweet nursery leader. I"m so glad she took these so I can peak into his new life. He loves having something of his own.

I just love seeing him sit by his friends!

Love this kid


Heidi said...

Love that guy! He is growing up and doing so many cute tricks! Can't wait to see him in person! xoxo

The Halls said...

He is getting cuter every day. I messaged Mom over an hour ago. Telling her she could be the first comment if she hurried...but she took too long. Just wanted you to know that. Love you lots.

Julia said...

Every single one of these pictures made me smile. What a cute kid!! I think I've said it are such a great mom!!

Natalie N said...

Such cute pictures, Ashlee! That Wes is a charmer!! :)

dana ewell said...

His open mouthed smiles tickle me!