Sunday, August 5, 2012

Wesley's new room

We moved Wesley into where the office used to be so that baby could be in the room closer to us. We were a bit nervous about how Wesley would take this move. We originally tried to put him in a toddler bed so we wouldn't have to buy a new crib but that didn't work. I guess a new bed and a new room was too much change at once. As soon as we (meaning Phil) moved his crib into his new room he was just fine. I wanted to decorate his room with some of his favorite things so he would like being in there. He is in love with letters so the letter wall project seemed perfect for him. It did take a little while but seeing/hearing him point out his letters and their sounds is so worth it. He also loves his cars and bike prints that used to be in his nursery. He was so happy when Phil hung those up the other night, he started pointing and saying "cars" over and over. Anyways, I'm so happy we got this pretty much finished before baby came!

We haven't hung the print on the dresser up yet. I think I might put a mirror there instead and put the print in babies room.. still deciding.

I don't think I ever posted a picture of his blanket I finally made. I finished it a few months ago.

And in case you think we have forgotten about baby boy here is his blanket I finished the other day. We have only 12 days to go, crazy!


Heidi said...

Way to go! I bet Wes is loving his new room. What a prepared mama you are--those blankets are adorable!! Ella still loves hers!

Eric and Amy said...

I LOVE your decorating style. SO cute! Countdown continues! YAY!

The Halls said...

I love his room and it looks like he does too. I can't believe he's so big and you'll have another one in just a few day...crazy. Can't wait to see everything & everyone soon!

dana ewell said...

I just love his room. Everything came together so well. You did such a good job! And I love the boys' blankets. They are amazing! Love, Yo Momma