Saturday, November 17, 2012

Owen's Blessing Day

On the 4th of November Owen Robert Harrison was given a name and a blessing. I am thankful that Phil was able to perform this sacred ordinance and that we had family there to witness this beautiful day. We are so happy Owen in in our family.

Love my sweet parents.

With Grandma and Grandpa Decker. Owen's middle name Robert is named after Grandpa Decker.

An attempt at a group shot. One of my sweet YW took this. We had no idea how bad out grouping was, poor Dad and Bob are cut off.

A mini photo shoot with the blanket Grandma Harrison made for him. It is so beautiful!

little jacket from sweet Auntie Tina

We kept saying "cheese" trying to get me to take his picture instead of Owen's. Love this cute boy.


The Halls said...

What a nice & special day. Owen looked hansom in his outfit. I want to squeeze him and xoxoxo. Wes is so funny, he looks like he's tattling on Owen in one picture, then cheesing it up and being goofy in the others. I can't wait to play with him next month.

Brittany (B) Michelle Kenner said...

Finally!! Owen is a doll baby, I just love him so much! And I love that naked Wesley too! Such a special day, so glad mom and dad were there!

dana ewell said...

I just love those boys! Too bad they don't have any personality! We feel so blessed to have been there :)
Thanks for the memories!

Natalie N said...

Awww! Too precious. I loved seeing the pictures from your special day. I agree with your sister--Owen is a total doll baby!! :)