Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Week of celebrations

Phil and I celebrated his FIRST Father's day and our 3rd wedding anniversary this week. As you may have read in my last post, I was gone at girls camp all week. I had a blast, came home exhausted, and of course forgot my camera so I don't have any pictures. While I was at girls camp he worked, cleaned the house, and somehow found time to make this special surprise for me.Yes, it is for quilting and I cannot wait to get started on a baby blanket. It'll be nice to use this for tying :)

We partied all day Saturday and Sunday for Phil's first Father's Day. Saturday we went to the Nordstom Men's Sale and got him a few new work shirts and shoes. Had lunch at California Pizza Kitchen and finished the night at our neighborhood pool. It felt so good just to relax in the pool after a busy week. Here is a picture of Phil on his way out to work Monday wearing one of his new shirts and new shoes.
Sunday night for dinner I made him a special roast and sweet potato fries. I am so thankful he is my husband and that my son gets him as a Dad. I can't wait for him to teach our son, play with him and take care of him. He is going to be a great dad! Here's a picture of the happy soon-to-be Dad with his Sunday dinner.
I love you Phil!


ash said...

What a fun surprise to come home to! He's going to be such a good dad. I want some of those fries!

Victoria said...

Awww, his first Father's Day! :)

Natalie N said...

You are so cute, Ashlee! Thanks for taking such good care of Philip for us. We love you guys!