Monday, October 18, 2010

life as of lately

We cannot get enough of our little guy. It has been so fun hanging out just the 3 of us ( oops I should say 4, Rosie would be offended if not). I'm so thankful to Phil's work for letting him take off during such a busy month. I've been in a lot of pain and couldn't have done the past week without him. We love taking pictures of Wes and trying to capture as many moments as we can. Here are some for your enjoyment.
Wesley's LOVES laying on his Dad's chest
not very happyAah, much better.. ya my week old baby is clutching a rattle.. ha ha
First family outing.. Can you tell how concerned Rosie is with Wesley's well being?
Me toting Wes around and looking a little tired...
Just chilling with Dad
He loves his car seat.. I cannot get enough of his cute yawns.
So sleepy after eating
I think this is Wes telling me "enough pictures mom". He looks a little annoyed ha ha. We sure love him.


Julia said...

So sorry you're in bad pain. :( Glad y'all are having a great time enjoying this precious week with your little family. :) His little yawns ARE very cute.

Deven & Candis said...

Yay for your little family! I love his name too! We can't wait to meet him. Hope you recover quickly.

Zach, Carly, and Londyn said...

He is adorable!!!!! Enjoy all the snuggle time, it goes by really fast :*( You are the cutest little family I have ever seen!!! Love you!

Dana Ewell said...

SOOOOO CUTE! Wesley's hands are in every picture. In the annoyed photo, I imagine he's tring to figure out how to get his knee and his thumb in to his mouth at the same time! Love you all to bits!