Monday, October 4, 2010

Safety First

Rosie loves car rides. We figured since baby is only days away from being here that we better figure out a safer way to take Rosie in the car. It's only fair that if baby has to have a car seat that she should as well. This was taken her first time in it and we were surprised that she likes it so much. I do think she misses sitting on our lap in the front seat but that's really not that safe, especially with a baby in the car. It'll be funny to see Rosie and baby boy sitting in the back in their safety seats. Oh the things we do for our dog... she is so spoiled!


Heidi said...

That is hilarious. Rosie is the cutest. Lauren still talks about her and compares other dogs to Rosie. Wish Rosie could come on a car ride to our house!

Julia said...

Ohmigosh just today I was asking my sister if they had carseats for dogs. so funny.

Glad you didn't have your baby while I was gone. He can come any time now! :)

Breestyle said...

ROFL..that is all I have to say!!