Monday, February 28, 2011

Presidents Day Weekend- Day 1

It's been a tradition in my family to get together and stay at my parent's cabin the weekend of Presidents Day. Phil had only made it out once because of how busy he is in Feb. We were pleasantly surprised this year by his work and Phil was able to join in on the fun. Thanks PwC!

The fun started by picking Phil up from the airport and then we went straight to Hardware Ranch near Logan. We went on a fun sleigh ride and saw lots of elk. It was really neat to be so close to them and apparently 80% of the females were pregnant...crazy! Wes loved being outside and was really interested in the snow falling on his face. Luckily my sisters are good about taking their cameras out or we would have no pictures.

After the sleigh ride we went to dinner at Maddox. Dinner was amazing and we all had too many rolls.

It took us almost 3 hours to make it up to the cabin after dinner because of a crazy snow storm. I was so scared the whole drive that I bit off all my fingernails. I really cannot believe we drove in that storm, it was pretty insane.


Natalie N said...

Hey Ashlee! I loved reading about this great trip. What fun traditions your family has. YAY for pwc letting Phil join in on the fun too!

I'm so jealous that Heidi gets to go down there and see you guys tomorrow. Wish I could forget my responsibilities and hop in her suitcase to be there for all the fun! Miss and love you guys!


Courtney Killpack said...


My family would go to Hardware Ranch growing up. I remember seeing reindeer who only had one leg or one horn. It traumatized me for years, but lots of great memories! Glad to know you guys are doing well.