Tuesday, July 12, 2011

9 Months!

Wesley had his 9 month check up today and to say he hated it is an understatement. He missed his morning nap and was not happy about the nurse taking his temp or his measurements. He did however give the doctor a few big smiles before breaking out into tears from her touching him. A little temperamental today? Thinking about my little guy growing up makes me want to cry! 9 months, that's 3 months away from a year (I'm good at math huh)! Wes has been a ton more active the past few weeks. He is no longer happy just sitting on my lap during church and is always busy. 

His Stats:
16 lbs 4 oz- 1.60% (skinny boy)
2' 3.5"- 23.15% 
Head 17.32"- 14.78%

Since he is so small she wants me to start supplementing with formula until he is a year. 

He was so proud of himself for making such a mess. He pulled every video game out of that basket.

Trying to take a pic at the pool and he just wants the camera.

First time playing at the park. Wes loved it!

He thought the swing was so cool, he couldn't stop looking at the chains.

He loves bath time still and is quite the splasher.

Lately Wesley:
* Rolls everywhere and is pretty good at getting where he wants to be
* Has started to creep on his tummy 
* Reaches for everything
* Loves Rosie and if she is around he is on top of her grabbing her hair and pulling her ears- poor dog.
* Loves food and has decided he no longer wants the pureed baby food. 
* Started eating beans and turkey
* Says DA-DA-DA-DA all the time
* Waves 
* Signs "all done" when finished eating solids
* Gives us big hugs
* Loves his toys and books


Eric and Hilary said...

wes is such a little cutie! can you believe how fast the time goes? don't worry, sierra was 15lb 8oz at 9 mos. my dr used to tell me to add olive oil to stuff for her. sick! needless to say, i never did it.

The Halls said...

He is such a BIG Little boy. I can't wait to see you on FRIDAY!! It's going to be so amazing.

Dana Ewell said...

what's the face in the last bathtub shot? Cold water? What a little cutie! Love you guys!

Victoria said...

He is so cute! I can't believe he's 9 months old already!