Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Fourth of July Weekend

Phil had been working a ton so this 4 day weekend was much needed! I also love that we stayed home. We are never home when he has time off and this was amazing!

Friday we went to the Surfside beach.

 As you can tell Wesley LOVED being outside and playing in the sand.

 On Saturday we went out to Spring Creek BBQ and hung around at home (no pics).

Sunday we went to church and then had dinner at Phil's parents. Here are some of the patriotic treats we made.

Patriotic cupcakes

I put them in cute mason jars to give to a few friends.

Such a happy boy!

At church Wes was playing on the ground and fell over. He fell right on his head and got a big goose egg. Poor baby!

Monday we enjoyed some Red Robin burgers and ran some errands. Later that night Phil went golfing and Wes and I went swimming with some friends.  Here are a few pictures I snapped of Wes in his 4th of July outfit.

He was more interested in Rosie than taking some pictures.

This kid LOVES Rosie.

It was so nice having Phil home for 4 days straight. Don't be jealous but he gets another 4 day weekend this week! I can totally handle him working 2 days this week! 


The Halls said...

I'm so happy for you!! Wes is so stinkin cute with Rosie. I love it.

Victoria said...

Those strawberries look so cool! Mmmmm.

Dana Ewell said...

The strawberries and cupcakes are so cute! Jayne and I are going to copy you for the 24th. Love ya.

Julia said...

Look at you and all your fancy, festive fun food. Love it!
Wes looks soo cute hanging out on the beach- you can tell how much he loved it. Looks like a great family day!