Saturday, October 25, 2008

HSM 3!!!

My Dad's work, Sara Lee, sponsors High School Musical so we all got tickets and cool t-shirts to go. Even though most of the family hadn't seen the first two we were all SO excited to go. Take notice that the only guy with us is my Dad. My sister's husbands so "no thanks" (ha ha) and Phil I'm sure would have done the same if he was in Utah. We loved the movie and either we are all just emotional girls or it's a emotional movie. We all confessed (expect for my Dad) to crying at least three times during the movie. It was fun hanging out with no husbands, it kind of felt like we were little girls again being taken care of by our parents. We love you Dad and Mom, thanks for taking us!

P.S. Phil is taking the second portion of the CPA exam today!! Good Luck Hunny!


Sarah Kjar said...

Way fun! I am going to be seeing it in an hour. And I'm way excited! :) :) And I probably already know all the song lyrics because I bought the soundtrack. Yeah, I'm a fan. :)

The Hansen Family said...

u guys are dorks lol

Natalie N said...

How fun! I love that you guys all saw it as a family. Whitney enjoyed watching the 1st and 2nd ones, but those were made for the Disney channel. Do you think HSM3 (on the big screen) would be too grown up for Whitney? I can't decide if I should take her to see it or not.

Go Phil! Hope your exam went well, and good luck with the house guys! Can't wait to hear what happens with that. Thanks for keeping us posted. xoxo