Sunday, September 25, 2011

More fun with the Kenner Family- Sunday and Monday

Here's the boys playing around Sunday morning. 

Wesley all ready for church.

I love how goofy Wes is in front of the camera.

I love these series of photos. They show how much Wes loves his cousin Jack.

We went to the Galleria on Monday. We spent 5 hours there! Now that is some serious shopping. Well the Kenner's did all the shopping :)

Cute Jack got a hamburger toy at the mall. He LOVED it and played with it the whole time.

That night we went to Lupe Tortilla for dinner, YUM!

Phil tried to teach Wes how to color. Wes just wanted to put the crayons in his mouth

Chris, Brittany, and Jack.

I still have one more post to do of their trip. We took tons of photos!


The Halls said...

I love all the pictures. I love that Wes loves Jack. Hopefully when you come in town next, Jack will be more interactive and they can play more. The picture of Wes & Phil, Wes looks so old...what a cute toddler he's becoming. It's sad though.

The Halls said...

I just noticed in the last picture Jack is staring down the salsa. That boy sure loves food. It's so cute.

dana ewell said...

I think Jack must taste good. What yummy loves Wes gives him! Sweet!