Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Christmas break activities

 Phil had 2 weeks off from work over Christmas. This year we decided to just stay home. It was so nice having all that time together. We got a lot done and took 3 trips to goodwill. We also had lots of time to play. We are so glad we had all this family time before Phil started his busy season.

We thought it would be fun to go to the zoo. We had hoped Wes would nap in the car on our way there but we weren't so lucky. So the day started like this..

And quickly (like 20 minutes later) changed to this...

Nothing would console him.. NOTHING. so we packed up and went home. 

Wesley loved having his Dad home everyday. They got all dressed up to support the Cougars on day.

We went to the park with Phil's parents and Wesley had a blast.

Wes also enjoyed all the errands we ran together. 

I couldn't have asked for a better break with my favorite men. Well it would've been nice to stay longer at the zoo.. but hey that's life :)


Morgan Hardin said...

Wow....that is quite the music video!! Look at her go! Haha thanks for the laugh. I am happy you found someone else :)

dana ewell said...

The zoo story is a keeper...write it down. The whole thing. It's priceless the things we do for peace!

dana ewell said...

Wes is so dang cute in his jersey and hat!