Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Utah day 2 & 3

Phil's Dad had us over Sunday afternoon for lunch. He made an amazing ham and mixed potato dish. It was delicious. After we ate Clark brought us over to his neighbors to show Wesley their chickens. Wesley loved seeing the chickens and tried to figure out how he could get in the pen with them. He also kept clucking at the chickens which was pretty cute. I guess we got so caught up in conversation that we didn't get any pictures with his dad or Grandma Harrison. I will have to check with Clark to see if he got any. I need to get better at pulling my camera out. I wouldn't have nearly as many pictures from this trip if my sister Heather wasn't so on top of it! Wes loved seeing his Grandpa Harrison and his Great-Grandma Harrison. It's always fun visiting with them!

That night we had an amazing fillet Mignon dinner at my Grandma Hughes'. We got to see Grandpa and Grandma Hughes, Auntie Tina, Uncle Brett, Auntie Mindy, Heather, Kyle, Brittany, Jack and my cousins Sage, Max, Mason, and Morgan with her husband Bentley. We had so much fun catching up with family and watching Wesley enjoy his (my) cousins. Wesley could've played with Max and Mason all night. He wanted to be right next to them and thought he was just one of the big boys.  

On Monday we finalized some funeral details, went out to Spaghetti Factory for lunch with my parents, shopped and let the boys play in the splash pad at City Creek, and then ended the night with Cafe Rio.  Yeah we might have ate too much that day but we had to get in 2 of our favorite places. :-) Wesley had a blast playing in the splash pad and jack hated it. He thought we were trying to kill him. Hence the reason we have no pictures of Jack. Wesley also enjoyed taking strolls outside in this awesome car. He thought he was so big "driving" around in it. 


The Halls said...

I wish I would have been able to go with you guys to city creek, dumb work....

dana ewell said...

I couldn't believe Wes at the splash pad. No fear. All fish! What a fun day!