Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Family Fun- Wed. night and Thursday

We had dinner at my Grandparents Wednesday night and then my sisters, Jack, mom, Wesley, and I had a big sleep over. Team Britt and Mom got a lot less sleep with Jack and wanted to switch babies in the middle of the night. We kept our baby though :) On Thursday I taught them how to make cake balls, Heather taught us how to make earrings, we had lunch at spaghetti Factory, and shopped.

Loves his Grandma
Playing at Great-Grandma Hughes'

I love my Grandpa. He is amazing and loves the babies.

Great-Grandma and Wes. Best Grandma Ever!

I love this because you can see just how busy Wesley is. He is always grabbing something.

Spaghetti Factory

The earrings we made.

Some of the cake balls we made.

Trying out some chairs at Pottery Barn Kids.

We had so much fun with my Grandparents, Mom, Sisters, and Jack. We wish we got to see them more!


The Halls said...

Loved playing with you and our sleepover. Wes, don't get any bigger until after I see you in July. I need you to be little a little longer.

The Halls said...

P.S I love you my handsome lil' buddy!