Sunday, June 12, 2011

My 8 Month Old

* I still need to post about our California trip but I wanted to document my baby turning 8 Months first! Here's a picture on the airplane. On our way home Wesley got his own seat and LOVED it. He is becoming too independent. Don't you love a baby in Pajamas?

8 Months, how can this be!?! I feel like time is flying by way to fast. I do not like that there is only 4 more months until he is 1.. actually let's not think about that (way too sad). Wesley has grown so much over the past month it's amazing. He gained 2 lbs in the past month and is sitting just under 16 lbs. I haven't measured him lately but I know he is taller because all of his clothes are getting tighter in the length.

This past month Wesley:

  • Mastered sitting up (however gets lazy sometimes and lays down).
  • Growls like crazy. Maybe Rosie taught him this? It's his favorite from of communication.
  • We swear he is saying some form of mama when he wants me.
  • Is quite the wiggle worm.
  • LOVE LOVE LOVES his Dad. He'll stop nursing to look at his Dad walk by.
  • Gives me big wet kisses.
  • Has started waking up at 4am and wants to nurse (what happened to sleeping through the night?)
  • Is my best bud and has started crying when I leave his side.. oh no!
  • Has the best belly laugh.
  • Is very vocal when he wants something.
  • Has gotten better at the pincher grasp and can feed himself snacks-yogurt melts and puffs.
  • Rosie is his favorite and she is starting to learn to stay away from him or he'll pull her hair.
  • Sits up in the bath now (this is so sad.. he's too little for this!)
  • Reaches for EVERYTHING.
  • Grunts and cries if you take something away from him that he wants.
  • Can scoot on his belly in circles and backwards.
  • Tried more foods including quinoa, pasta, yogurt, watermelon, and cantaloupe.
  • Started waving in California.
  • Is such a flirt, he smiles at everyone.

We sure love this little guy. No more growing buddy!


ash said...

I can't believe how fast it is going by. Pretty soon my baby will be doing those things and then they will be buddies. It's so fun to watch them grow! Love that little Wes. His dimples are to die for!

Annie said...

He is the cutest baby! Just love him!

The Halls said...

Buddy, I love you so so much!! Please stay small. Happy 8 months!

Dana Ewell said...

Oh what a handsome boy! I just love how he works the camera!

Natalie N said...

The waving is so precious!! I'm in total denial too that these babies are getting older. :(